The Making of: JOHI's Tree Trivets

The Making of: JOHI's Tree Trivets

This mixed use dining accessory is part potholder, part serving board. It is protective for your tables & countertops when serving hot dishes, then continues to dress a space.

Prefer to host wine & cheese get togethers? Serve a mix of jams & cheese on this woodsy Maui creation of solid oak with an Aqua tinted Ecopoxy resin pattern. Functional & stylish, it all comes down to the time you spend around it - enjoying food, exchanging stories, and making memories for years to come.

A 2020 addition to the studio kitchen offerings, our Tree Trivets are made of solid red oak, featuring an engraved log pattern filled with a pigmented resin. Fit for function & a rustic touch.

Check out the video below to see a rapid look into the fabrication process.

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