Designs That Didn't Get Made

Designs That Didn't Get Made

It comes with the territory! We are constantly designing, for clients and for fun. This December we wanted to step back and take a look at a few of our favorite pieces that never were in 2020.  

Piano Chair

Inspired by the curves of a traditional grand piano, this chair blends walnut, painted metal, and leather to create a sophisticated and bold chair. It may make a comeback in 2021, but for now, we've pulled away from this design, favoring a more angular direction.

Airy Sectional Sofa

It seems curved accents have been a theme of the designs that didn't get made this year. This sofa features a curved armrest that appears to float an open-format back rest. Deep-set cushions make for comfortable lounging. We are absolutely slating this build for 2021!

Bronze Glass Coffee Table

Covid-19 put a halt on a few projects this year, and this large-format coffee table was one of them. The striking linear form is constructed with an ebonized walnut base. The surface is completed with inset dark bronze glass panels.

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