an interdisciplinary team working in product design, fine wood craft, interiors, design research, and creative strategy.

  • design

    is a process that results in a more thoughtful world. It should be driven by goals and tempered by parameters.

  • craft

    is core to physical design considerations. Knowledge of materials and how to work with them are a huge part of our physical world.

  • products

    can be made with environmentally conscious values. Each one uses and impacts our resources. We strive to make more sustainable choices through our work every day.

  • humans

    are often a forgotten resource in the creation of products. We do our best to keep fabrication in-house at JOHI for ethics, safety, and participation in our local and domestic economies.

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  • Raja Badr-El-Din

    Creative Director and Co-Founder.

    • • •

    After tinkering with wood furniture throughout his childhood, Raja quickly pursued the field of product design. He has designed & managed consumer tech applications for a few noble causes. Yet, he has continued to be drawn to the making of physical products. So when not designing, Raja is an avid craftsman. He leads our fabrication operations, implementing as much Lean practice as he can. Raja often works under the guiding words, "Less is more."

  • Nicole Gardner

    Industrial Designer & Craftsman.

    • • •

    Nicole is a lifelong lover of getting her hands dirty in the name of marrying form to function. An affinity for architecture early in scholastic life resulted in Nicole entering an Industrial Design program in higher education. Her signature process is her most valuable asset as a designer – she wields it to create objects with meaning and with the preservation of planetary health always in mind.

  • Holly Badr-El-Din (Jachowski)

    President and Co-Founder.

    • • •

    With an interest in curating experiences, Holly often seeks to balance imagination, organization, and presentation. She comes from a background managing strategic branding projects for nonprofits, small businesses, and commercial entities in the Hawai'i & California markets. Also a developing interior design professional, she is constantly finding inspiration for the future of JOHI.

  • Hannah Eugster

    Creative Marketing and Content Producer.

    • • •

    Hannah is a photographer and videographer with a passion for the environment. After a few years traveling and creating, Hannah decided to pursue a career in content creation and marketing with an emphasis on how crucial it is for us to put sustainability at the forefront of our policies and actions. Their goal is to craft and share beautiful stories, helping others tell their stories. Through visual storytelling, Hannah hopes to make an impact on society while also helping other like-minded companies, like JOHI, do the same.

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A Commitment We Believe In

We've pledged 1% of all sales to support nonprofit sustainability initiatives. We started our business in Hāli‘imaile, Hawai‘i and have been based in Santa Cruz, California since 2020. Our environments from mauka to makai have always been an important part of our lives. This commitment is just one way we choose to give back.

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