Look back: Our Red & White Oak Tables and Desks

Look back: Our Red & White Oak Tables and Desks

Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of creating a handful of White Oak & Red Oak tables and desks. The terms ‘white oak’ and ‘red oak’ refer to the two primary groups of commercially harvested oaks, rather than two specific species. As domestically grown woods, both groups are commonly available and used across the North American market, in flooring, accent beams, furniture, and more craft & building applications.

Through trendy interior design practices and their product catalogs, like Amber Interiors and Studio McGee, white oak is certainly a sought after material choice for today’s interiors. Creamy and olive-hued, it fits right in with soft white modern farmhouse styling and coastal contemporary themes. But historically, from ship building to coopering (the art of barrel making), white oak has been a staple of American society for centuries. Unlike red oak, white oak’s closed-pore nature makes it ideal for moisture resistance. It is also slightly harder than red oak, with a greater ability to resist denting and scratches. And of course, as a result of demand, white oak tends to be more expensive than red oak.

Having just wrapped up the design and build of one of our largest white oak tables yet, we thought it was a perfect time to share a look back at our other oak creations.

The original Kamehana Desk, White Oak with Maui Monkeypod Drawer Front

JOHI's original Kamehana Writing Desk in white oak. Under the tabletop is a slim shelf built of white oak slats that stretch from the right table leg to the left side, where there is a drawer with a Monkeypod wood front. A white ceramic vase with green ginger leaves sits atop the desk on the left corner. A laptop on the right side. On the lower right, next to the table sits a young green & red-leaved Ti plant. Backdrop is a white wall.


Maui HUE Cash Wrap Desk, Red Oak in a butcher block style


The red oak cashwrap is a long checkout table at the Maui HUE interior design showroom in Wailea Village, Maui. At the left, a bed is styled with striped linens, and above, two striped surfboards attach to the wall. A woven hanging pendant lamp matches with a large circular mirror on the back wall, framed in woven rattan. Two tall shelves in the back corner are filled with pillows. On the cashwrap desk, jewelry is displayed in the left corner, while the right corner has a decorative white orchid plant, guest sign in book, a few knick-knacks, and a computer monitor.


Maui Resort Rentals Entry Desk & Cabinet, Red Oak in a butcher block style with under fitting L-cabinet.

 The entry desk at this commercial office is made of red oak with a waterfall style. A white panel underneath the table hides activity and clutter behind the desk, and a white cabinet is inset in a perpendicular orientation to the desk. The office has a brown carpet and creamy white walls.

Looking side on at this entry desk with L-Cabinet, we see a wide solid oak leg on the right, which waterfalls down from a long tabletop. On the back left, a white painted cabinet is closed with oak and bamboo doors.


Kalakoa L-Desk, Red Oak with distressed dyed & painted colors

Looking into the corner of a room, the blinds on adjacent windows are pulled down to shade the interior. The new Kalakoa Desk is paired with a bent plywood office chair on wheels. A floral blue and white rug extends from the bottom right of the photo.


Country Modern Dining Table, White Oak

Photo centers on a large white oak dining table, with 8 white velvet chairs pulled away, so the viewer can see the leg and stretcher details. Dark wood floors contrast the chairs, table, and white rug peeking from the back of the photo. A large framed photo on the back left wall displays an expansive landscape of green hills and cloudy sky. On the back right, a brown velvet sofa marks the transition to living room.


BB Studio Invitation Table, White Oak

Photo focuses on the curving edges of a custom designed white oak table by JOHI. The white oak is stained white, with wood grain showing through.

Two men stand behind the curving, custom designed white oak table. Its pillar legs rise tall, so the table is at a standing, bar height. The men are contemplating ideas over a sketchbook.


Ellipse Dining Table, White Oak

The Ellipse Dining Table almost looks small in the high ceiling dining room, white walled on two sides, with a glass wall on the right side. With a smooth tiled floor, and no chairs in the room, the distinctive table stands out: ellipse cutouts from each wide table leg, and steel stretchers across the bottom.


    We love creating these elegant centerpieces for homes and offices alike. From small to large spaces, oak tables are a clean, warm, and grounding natural addition. Once they’re installed, it almost feels like they should never leave ;)

    If you’re looking for a table custom sized to fit your space, don’t hesitate to reach out. We often alter our collection products’ dimensions to specific requests, and we also consult on fully custom designs.



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