Summer '22 Most Exciting Builds

Summer '22 Most Exciting Builds

One of our biggest struggles with social media is the lack of depth when it comes to showing off our work. So I've grabbed a few of my personal favorite designs from the Summer season and put them together in this blog. 

Though each of these started out as custom orders, they have since become part of our permanent collection. We love them that much! 



A suave curving statement like no other here at JOHI. ARCHES can function as a display cabinet in the expanse of a great room and generally against wide walls with high ceilings.

Its frame is constructed from bent hardwoods that gently draw the eye upwards. Two brass rods connect the arches, at either side of the apex, giving you a secure place to hang your favorite plants or decor. Meanwhile, the glass fronted cabinet contains ample space for storage, whether that includes delicate or functional wares. Bending wood is one of those magical processes we get to do in the studio, breaking the mold of what many traditionally associate with furniture. 

The full piece also features an open lower shelf, ideal for use with decorative baskets and books.

Brass rods tie the two bent wood elements together and offer a strong hanging spot for plants and decor.

The glass panel pictured has a bronze finish applied to it. This darkens the interior of the cabinet, adding intrigue to the items stored within.



Going big! Oversized dining tables have become a staple of our design studio. Sourcing high-quality, solid wood, 10-foot-plus dining tables has been a common pain point for many of our clients who walk through our door. After having built a handful of these over the years, we decided it was time to formalize a design.
The Ellipse table brings several luxury elements together to create a stunning dining room experience. Large cut-outs on each leg lightens the visual (and physical) weight of the technical, while powder coated steel stretchers bring in a pop of modern sensibility and strength. The tabletop is a whopping 1.75" thick and can be made from 8' to 10.5' long! While not particularly mobile, the thick top creates a durable, grounded surface for those gathered around this dining table.


Built for big spaces, this 11-foot dining table shines in a light filled room.

The open ellipses of this design help to visually lift and lighten the over 300-pound table.


TRIO Bench Set

Originally built for the same house as the large dining table above, the TRIO bench set is an elegant and flexible way to add seating around your home. At 18" tall, these benches function as extra seating throughout a great room - at the dining table or within the living area. As a set, the TRIO benches look great settled behind a sofa, up against a wall, or amidst lounge seats. They are light enough to pick up and move around whenever needed. They are heavy enough that toddlers won't easily topple them over. We hide all the structural joinery inside the mitre joints, making these the perfect complement to any minimalist household and those with Scandinavian design interests. 


In White Oak, theTRIO benches can easily pair with a wide variety of styling and color choices in your home.


Splines are an elegant way to strengthen the joinery while adding a bit of intrigue to these aesthetically simple mitre joints.


Center Bench: 32"L x 14"W x 18"H; Side Benches (2): 21.5"L x 14"W x 18"H
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