Recent Build: Architects' Table

A local architecture studio contacted us to help them add some warmth to their new office. The live edge slab came from a coastal tree, no more than a few miles from the office.

We met up with our clients and rummaged through the slabs until we found one to meet the desired usable size. Wide enough to comfortably layout large architectural drawings, this slab measured a hulking, impressive, 51" wide! Years of compression and now-banished termites had taken quite a toll on this tree, creating plenty of interesting cavities and bark inclusions, later filled with a tinted eco-resin.

Our clients knew they wanted to pair this find with a steel U-shaped base, which they headed sourcing of, from a local California welder. With a repurposed bubblegum factory as their office setting, expansive concrete walls and floors set an industrial tone. This Monterey Cypress table top sits in stark contrast to the grays, shining with curly figure and full of honey hues.