Hibal Coffee Table

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One of our Classics, the Hibal Coffee Table is large and sleek with an open shelf to keep things tidy.

1.  Made entirely of premium African Mahogany or Walnut, the frame ensures the table can endure regular wear while still being light enough to move around with ease. The Danish cord weave is a strong natural material that can hold up for years and can easily be re-woven if ever needed.

2. An ancient all-natural technique for dying wood is to mix rust and vinegar. When applied to the walnut it causes the wood to become a rich black color. This provides a durable, beautiful, and skin-friendly stain.

3. As with all our products, it's made handmade in Santa Cruz, CA.

Have different wood ideas in mind? Want a lighter colored base? Need to adjust the dimensions? Contact us! This piece is customizable to suit your needs.


W24.5" x L49.5" x H17.5"

Keep in mind, this collection piece is fully customizable, we'll work with you to choose the best materials, size, and weave pattern to suit your home.