Coaster / Soap Dish Set (3) | Aqua Tint with Poplar Wood Curls

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These coasters and soap dishes are made using wood curls from the woodworking studio, cast into EcoPoxy resin.

For drinks: The coasters have a shallow lip around the edge to keep drips off of countertops and furniture, but can also be used upside down if you prefer the matte/sanded look.

Also suitable for: jewelry organization, spoon rest - it's up to you!

Keep in mind the color will be a little lighter and more luminescent when not stacked. Each coaster has natural and planned variances - not all will be exactly the same in a set.


4" L x 4" W x ~0.625" H (0.25" lip)

Stacked height: 1.8"


EcoPoxy Resin, Poplar Wood Curls


Hand wash only. Not Dishwasher Safe.


Aqua (sparkle)